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San Diegos Best Massage - Deep Tissue Massage San Diego - Sports Massage San Diego - Trigger Point Therapy San Diego - Prenatal Massage San Diego

Best Massage San Diego - Deep Tissue Massage San Diego - Sports Massage San Diego - Trigger Point Therapy San Diego

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Living San Diego's Active Life Style

Training for an athletic event or just getting in shape?

We want to take an opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of massage therapy within your training regimen.

Reaching Optimum Levels of Performance

Training for a major event takes an inevitable toll on the body. Combined with daily stress and lack of proper rest and diet, the body is more susceptible to injury. Under these conditions the body is compromised and works extra hard to function at its optimum level. Your body is truly amazing and is constantly working to achieve a state of homeostasis (The ability or tendency of an organism or cell to maintain internal equilibrium by adjusting its physiological processes).

Anything and everything you can do to aid your body in this process will greatly reduce the amount of stress placed on the body and increase your body’s ability to reach this state efficiently and effectively. Massage therapy can greatly enhance your body’s ability to achieve optimal levels of health by loosening constricted and tight muscles as well as increase the blood circulation to enable proper oxygenation and nutrient transport. This process is critical in allowing your body the ability to release unnecessary toxins from sore, achy and tired muscles as well as effectively nourish the soft tissues (muscle).

Facilitating this process will also allow you to rest better thus creating a condition in which the body can recover faster. Proper recovery from your ongoing training is a critical component to reduce the risk of injury as well as allowing your body to function at its optimum level of performance.

You train hard...remember that rest and recovery is just as important as the training itself!


Coach James Sheremeta endorces Balance Pont Massage in San Diego - Sports Massage - Balance Point Massage Therapy Clinic San Diego, Massage San Diego, Massage North Park, Massage Mission Valley, Massage Downtown San Diego, Massage Normal Heights, Massage Little Italy, Massage Mission Hills "Balance Point's therapeutic approach to massage allows me to train harder, recover faster, and race at a superior level no possible without their care. I would recommend Balance Point to everyone serious about their athletic performance, or if they just want to experience unparalled relaxation, physical balance, and well-being."

-James Sheremeta (Running Coach / Elite Athlete)

San Diego, California        

Are you an active member of Team in Training?

If so, you are entitled to a members only discount of $10 off your massages Just let us know you are with Team in Training when you schedule your massage and we will apply your discount.
By the way, this discount applies to each and every massage you receive at Balance Point while in training.
(This discount does not apply towards Gift Cards)

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Why Massage Therapy?

Do you own a car? If so, you probably know that in order to get the most miles from your vehicle and enhance its performance as well as reduce the likelihood of breaking down, you need to keep up regular maintainence on your car. Like getting your oil changed, a tune up, tires rotated and balanced etc. Our bodies are much like our cars. They get us around and we put alot of miles on them. In fact they do much more then a car does. Just like a car our bodies need regular maintainence to avoid breaking down and more importantly to run at peak performance.

In todays environment it has never been more important to run at peak performance. Whether it is at the office, on the field, or at home. Life has placed tremendous demands on us, both physically and mentally. Doesn't it make sense to take care of ourselves so that we may take care of everything else. Never before has it been more important to give ourselves a tuneup to take care of the excess stress in our lives, address the pain in our bodies and stay balanced. It is challenging enough with all the distractions (email, cell phones etc.) in our lives to stay focused let alone experiencing the pain (headaches, bodyaches etc.) that we have to deal with on a day to day basis. All the while we know we need to focus to be more productive in our lives. When you address the issues in your body you will feel better. Feeling better will allow you to be more focused and relaxed so you can perform.

How massage therapy works...

There are many styles of massage and lots of different massage techniques. When it comes to relaxation, relief and restoration the most effective techniques are based on releasing myofascial tissue. Myofascial tissue is connective tissue in the body that basically surrounds all your different muscles so that your muscle is able to move or glide within this protective sheath. Have you ever stretched and even after you stretch you still feel tight? This is typically due to the myofascial tissue sticking to the muscle.

Stretching is meant to help release the muscle from the myofascial tissue and allow the muscle to elongate. However, most often the myofascial stays stuck and simply stretches with the muscle not allowing it to release. Therefore, you still feel tight or constricted. A good example of this is if I were to wrap you up in Saran Wrap (that thin plastic film). You would probably feel pretty constricted and unable to move inside. Once the myofascial tissue is released the muscle may move freely inside and you experience the feeling of being loose again.

The different techniques most notably known for this is deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, active release technique (A.R.T. which some chiropractors know) myofascial release (obvious), and sports massage. These techniques given during a massage help to release the myofascial tissue and increase circulation. The increase in circulation helps to clean out the soft tissues (muscles) getting rid of toxins (lactic acid etc.) and bring nutrients as well as other necessary elements for healing and restoration.

Massage therapy is really a facilator to help our bodies natural tendency for healing. In essence it helps to accelerate the bodies ability to restore itself. Therefore, if you are suffering from an injury it can help you heal quicker by cleaning up scar tissue and promoting healthy tissue development. If you are training or working out, massage helps to accelerate your bodies ability to recover from your workouts thereby reducing the likelihood of injury from muscle fatigue.

In addition, since you are recovering faster you tend to get better rest and therefore have a better supply of energy. Not to mention that everything that you are consuming will have a better chance of getting to the areas that need it most. Imagine if you are constricted and it is hard to move around. If your muscles are tight and you have to much tension and stress your body will have a harder time of moving nutrients in your body to the required areas.

As a bonus, massage helps boost the immune system by increasing the presence of white blood cells and releasing endorphins that are beneficial in the prevention of disease. In summary, massage helps to accelerate our bodies ability to recover by increasing circulation, cleaning up the soft tissues (muscles).

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