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Benefits of Massage

Many of us understand the value of incorporating massage in our daily lives. It is now becoming widely accepted in helping us relieve our daily stress and promoting good health. Massage is nurturing, healing, and helps bring body, mind and spirit into balance.

According to current research almost 80% of all illness can be associated to stress. Research has also shown that massage therapy has the following effects:

  · Relieves stress and anxiety
· Reduces chronic pain
· Improves muscle tone
· Helps prevent injuries
· Facilitates chiropractic
· Enhances acupuncture
· Strengthens immune system
· Improves circulation
· Lowers blood pressure
· Heals the body and soul
· Balances energy meridians
· Increases peace of mind

Massage therapy reduces stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and high blood pressure. It also helps alleviate low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, shoulder pain, headaches and fatigue. It can also help address symptoms of fybromalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, depression, and anxiety. In addition, it also handles sports related conditions such as illiotibial band syndrome, tendonitis, plantar fascitis and helps prevent injury.

For those that are uncertain about benefits of massage we encourage you to give massage a try. The best judge of how massage can help you is yourself. It is a good first step in addressing many conditions and can help facilitate your bodies natural healing ability. For many, the healing power of touch associated with massage therapy plays a valuable role in achieving greater health and well-being.


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