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Balance Point Massage San Diego

Our Signature Massage

A Signature Massage is an integrative method of massage tailored specifically to address your needs. Combining different styles of massage to get the best results, our therapists integrate skill and intuition to help you feel better, faster!

Our signature massage follows a holistic model in which we treat the individual as a whole. We also understand that the whole has its individual parts. Utilizing this understanding we take an intuitive approach to san diego massage and rather than giving you a "Deep Tissue Massage" , "Sports Massage", or Relaxing Massage" which has a particular routine that one may have learned at school, we blend the styles together. So, in essence, you may recieve all three styles but in different areas of your body.

By integrating different styles into one unique blend, you will receive a more thorough, therapeutic massage tailored specifically for you. This unique approach was developed with the intent of cultivating inner peace and promoting your bodies’ natural tendency towards health and well-being. Most importantly to get you the best results.

Integrated Massage Styles

The following are typical descriptions of different types of massage

Swedish Massage

Swedish san diego massage uses pressure to increase circulation with long fluid strokes, kneading motions or friction. Using oil to make movement of the massage therapists hands more fluid and smoother, it is generally the most gentle and promotes relaxation and release of tension in the surface muscles.

Shiatsu and Acupressure

Shiatsu and acupressure (eastern forms of san diego massage) focuses more on pressure and traditionally centers around balancing the bodies meridians. According to the eastern methods of massage the body is mapped with meridians that correspond to internal organs such as the lungs, heart, gallbladder and stomach. Just as the organs serve different functions within the body so they also represent different aspects of our lifes and how we function. Compressions of different levels of pressure are used to balance the meridians to produce a feeling of well-being and homeostasis. This style can also be done with a persons clothes on and on a mat vs. a table. Variations are used by practitioners to integrate it into non-traditional styles of san diego massage.

Deep Tissue

Similiar to a swedish san diego massage, deep tissue san diego massage is done with various strokes, kneading and friction. The noticeable difference is in the level of pressure which is usually more intense. The san diego massage is intended to address the deeper muscle layers and provide relief where there may be more stress or muscle pain. Deep Tissue san diego massage is also effective for helping to restore injuries to soft tissues. The massage can sometimes be a bit painful (the breakup of scar tissue) but is not always discomforting. The pain should be a "feel good" Pain.

Trigger Point

Trigger points are sensitive areas in the muscle tissues that cause pain either in the localized area or referred pain to other areas of the body. Trigger point work uses pressure to to deactivate or reduce the pain and help alleviate the pain caused by it. Done correctly, the massage therapist will incorporate a style of breathing that elicits the release of the myofascial tissue surrounding the muscle.

Sports Massage

Using particular strokes such as stripping and kneading, the san diego massage is focused on cleaning the body of lactic acid by increasing circulation and moving it towards the heart. Rythmic fluid motions provide an invigorating san diego massage that helps to prevent injury and improve your bodies recovery rate.

Passive Joint

Aimed at reeducating the neuromuscular patterns stored in the tissues as a result of injury or trauma to soft tissues, this form of san diego massage helps to release the holding patterns held in the body. The work also increases ones own awareness of our
bodies patterns and allows us to "let go" and restore healthy patterns in the body to improve range of motion and function.


This san diego massage focuses on pinpointing areas on the feet and hands that correspond to bodily organs and functions of the internal organs and tissues. Based on thousands of years of study reflexology promotes bodily and muscular functions without san diego massage the areas directly. Blood and nutrient flow, along with being an effective technique for reducing headaches as well as other pain, are some of the benefits of this form of san diego massage.

Balance Point Massage San Diego Method

Deep Tissue
Swedish Massage
Trigger Point
Lomi Lomi
Sports Massage
Passive Joint
Tui Na
Ayurvedic Massage
Cranio Sacral

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